It’s a great resource with ideas to help you achieve your life and relationship goals.

Life Coaching Services

At Heart Connections Life Coaching, I would love to work with YOU. My passion is connecting people, plans and purpose and I want to help you have the relationships and life you have always dreamed of. I offer:

- 60-minute coaching sessions
- 4 session coaching blocks
- 12 week Life Coaching Program
- Coaching Groups
- Workshop Speaker and Trainer
- Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI) Assessment and Debrief

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What people are saying

"Eileen worked with me over several sessions, and what I love is that you don't need an agenda. Great if you have one, but if not, she guides you to think of things for self-improvement. I've loved every minute of my sessions with her (and continued ongoing)! Highly recommended!!!!” – Maureen, Rochester NY

"The coaching I received from Eileen helped me to key in on several areas in my life that I have been wanting to step up and improve. Eileen's positive, energetic listening and feedback helped me think through & identify concrete action steps to make it happen. Eileen has a keen ability to build in hope and expectancy about facing life's challenges, something that I think most people have a hard time doing alone. Her coaching will help you reframe your perspective on life's challenges as opportunities to move your life forward and grow." – Nathan, Lima NY