stitt-familyFrom the time I was a child, I was known as the girl to go to if you needed some one to listen to you, give support or brainstorm ideas for goals or problem solving. I have always been passionate about helping people connect in relationships with those they love and passionate about helping people find their purpose so that they can have the happy, fulfilled life they’ve always wanted.

My own life has been full of adventure. I married my husband Curtis when I was 21. With his support, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1994 with a BASW. Together, we began a life of ministry which included several short term mission trips and three years as missionaries in Niger, West Africa. I love to travel and have enjoyed learning about cultures and life in Africa, India, Mexico, France and Guatemala. After Africa, we continued church planting in PA where I was ordained as a pastor and in NY where I Co-Pastored with my husband. We currently live and work in Lynchburg, Virginia. We have four beautiful children who fill my life with laughter and tears and who stretch me in wonderful ways so that my life is very full.

In addition to my degree in Social Work, I became a Certified Professional Coach though iPEC in 2016. I love the way that life coaching enables me to help people move forward in their relationships and with their life goals. I am also trained as a Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership and I find it fascinating to help people assess their level of energy and set goals so they can increase their energy and leadership effectiveness to be more successful in life and relationships. Working with people to support them in deepening their connections and making plans to help them move forward in their purpose brings me great joy.

In 2016, I finished my supervision with the American Association for Sexual Addiction Therapy where I am now certified as a coach for Sexual Addiction Recovery and Partner’s Recovery. These certifications enable me to be a support and resource to those who have struggled with sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia or have been a partner who has experienced deep personal betrayal and wounding through pornography, adultery and sexual addiction. I am very excited to walk with families and couples to help them be successful in recovery and experience healing in their relationships.

At Heart Connections Life Coaching, I would love to work with YOU. My passion is connecting people, plans and purpose and I want to help you have the relationships and life you have always dreamed of.