Coaching is a powerful relationship that helps bring out the potential in a client. Coaching is not therapy, counseling, or consulting and is action-oriented and focused primarily on the present and future. The coaching process helps people tap into their inner purpose and passion by partnering with them to set and accomplish goals with sustainable results. Coaching will be done face to face, by telephone or via Skype or other conference software as agreed upon mutually with the client.

Who can benefit from Coaching?
Coaching can benefit everyone! My goal at Heart Connections Life Coaching is to Connect people, plans and purpose. Coaching can help you reach your dreams and create the relationships you’ve always wanted. It can also help you remove roadblocks when you feel stuck. I am available to coach individuals, couples, parents and children and groups. Here are some of the many ways coaching can help you.

  • Relationship coaching that helps connect you to the people you love.
  • Marriage and family coaching.
  • Goal setting for your life, marriage and family.
  • Family Dynamics
  • Parent – teen coaching
  • Coaching to improve communication, conflict resolution and intimacy.
  • Sexual addiction recovery and partner’s recovery coaching.
  • Dealing with betrayal and rebuilding trust.
  • Life purpose coaching
  • Confidence and leadership coaching

I’m also certified as a Master Practitioner in Energy leadership coaching. The Energy Leadership Index is a great assessment tool to determine your current energy level and help you increase your energy to be more productive in your life. Energy leadership coaching is a powerful way to shift your energy levels so that you are more successful in your life, job, marriage and family.